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Chinese Confinement Meals

Our professional crew of chefs and cooks are well equipped and qualified to provide delectable, healthy and quality confinement meals for you. Our in-house logistics solution will ensure that each meal is delivered straight to your doorsteps, hot and ready to eat!

Our confinement meal packages are carefully planned to guarantee that you will receive the right amounts of nutrients and benefits necessary for your confinement period.

Nothing is more important than having the time and energy to recuperate from your childbirth, and also spending quality time with your newborn. Care Nanny strongly believes that we can help you to achieve just that.

1. 5 Balanced & Nutritious meals per day

  • Breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Tea time
  • Dinner
  • Supper

2. Daily traditional confinement soup (Different variety everyday)

3. Daily free flow of Red Date Drink

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